Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Series: Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery

Big drama goes on the Real housewives of Beverly Hills as the two housewives Brandi Glanville and Adrienne Maloof feud gets bigger and better! As you know, everybody loves drama as things gets worse and worse between the two, involving friends, other people, even their family and now filing lawsuits can be that easy. While they are trending right now on the internet and celebrity magazines, I’m here to talk about their plastic surgery nightmares.  So let start with Brandy. 

Brandy became famous when her husband (Eddie Cibrian) cheated on her with country star singer Leanne Rhimes whom at that time was also married. Leanne Rhimes quickly learned that in order to be with a hot husband she must work out endless hours at the gym just to look like his ex-wife Brandy. Leanne lost so much weight and reportedly went under breast augmentation to look close like Brandy. Well, not those close actually! To me, Leanne look like a living skeleton with just one blow from the wind she would literally collapse! What I’m trying to say is that she is too freaking trying hard! It grosses me out! Leanne used to be a very talented singer and eventually become a freak after marrying (Eddie)! Brandy on the other hand is no victim as well; we all know that this housewife used to be a super model, tall with a rocking body! Now in her 30’s Brandy maintained her body despite of what she went through after her divorce with her husband. But Brandy isn’t all naturel too ladies, it is very obvious that she had undergone breast augmentation. Brandi’s breast isn’t a product of a good plastic surgeon. Although the size fits her frame perfectly, the look of her breast seemed to be tacky looking, fake and has a very unnatural look. You can totally say within seconds that her breasts are fake. It might be because she has saline implants that are placed above the muscle? (for more information and details on breast augmentation surgery visit Aestheticare Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Brandi Glanville

Brandy’s beautiful face is also destroyed with injectable fillers. And the most unnatural thing about her face is her cheeks! (see below before & after) could be a result of cheek implants? See the thing is if you aren’t born with it, chances are it won’t look good on you. When women are younger we want sculpted cheeks, lots of contouring involved. Thanks to highlighters and of course bronzers at its best! But when women gets older they want fuller cheeks because “fuller cheeks” is a sign of youth. So ladies listen! Do not experiment your face through plastic surgery otherwise you’re getting yourself at risk of looking like a freak one day. And let’s not forget it’s not reversible. Her face is pretty tight knowing that she is still young, 30’s!!! and her thin lips is unnatural filler injectable to make it fuller. But, overall, Brandy is still a beautiful lady, and very sexy! Her body is really awesome, although she can be a little bit too skinny; might be a result of a healthy eating and going hard core at the gym. Active lifestyle helps a lot. Brandi still has a gorgeous face but I hope she stops all those fillers and injections and instead invest on a good skincare regimen before her beauty will be destroyed. Leanne would be so happy if she look ugly the next couple of years. So Brandi, beware before it is too late.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Now moving on to Adrienne Maloof, the scandalous housewife who is probably the richest housewife ever owning The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas and the Sacramento Kings just to name a few. I used to like her a lot until her feud with Brandi begun. As you know Adrienne is married to a plastic surgeon Dr. Paul Nassif who specializes on facial plastic surgery including Rhinoplasty. Being married to a plastic surgeon has its own perks you know.  When I first watched Adrienne on TV my first impression with her was that she had too much plastic surgery on her face. There is just something about her face, everything doesn’t look natural. Although it’s no surprise that most women in LA are not natural, for Adrienne it’s just wasn’t right. For some reason her nose was the first thing I noticed on her. It seemed like she had gone through several Rhinoplasty to make it look thinner to give it more definition. It is so unnatural looking! Adrienne is already 51, and although this housewife doesn’t have much wrinkles she looks older than her actual age, her make-up or eye make-up is a little bit way too thick for her age. It’s obvious that she had some regular Botox injections and lip injections over her lips to make it look fuller. Her extensions are way too obvious and tacky looking. She needs to hire a better hairstylist and a make-up artist to make her look younger and more youthful. All these housewives who have money and wealth comes down to show you that “money can’t buy you beauty”. Sure when you have money you can afford a good plastic surgeon and the latest innovation in beauty, but when you overdo things the end result can sometimes be not what you expected it to be. Like I said before, plastic surgery is not a bad thing, if it can help you enhance your look and confidence then that is good, but if you think plastic surgery can change everything about you then you are wrong!  

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Heidi Montag Plastic Surgery Regrets 3 Years Later

Heidi Montag 3 Years ofter the RUSH Plastic Surgery

It’s been 3 years since we last heard from Heidi who undergo 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day which included; liposuction on her stomach and thighs, breast implants (bigger implants), eyebrow lift, nose revision and more.  This wasn’t Heidi’s first plastic surgery experience. In fact, she had a nose job and breast implants before the procedure. She was naturally beautiful before she went through it, but after she had it done the first time, I can really say she was gorgeous. I’m not trying to push buttons here, but the surgery enhanced her for what she already has. But after the 10 plastic procedure all in one day, I have to admit that she look totally a different person. She changed her overall persona. It is very common here in states to undergo “Rhinoplasty” and “Breast Implants” everyone does it to enhance what they have. But what Heidi was doing was totally shallow and dangerous.

Her plastic surgeon informed her it would take 2 years for her full recovery. She has mentioned that that she is feeling a lot better these days and that the recovery process wasn’t. There are still small scars left from the procedure and it slowly fading. Heidi maintained her privacy by staying away from the spotlight after her procedure. She also filed for divorce to Spencer Pratt who she married at such a young age.

The former star of “The Hills” didn’t have to put herself through this nightmare. To me, I don’t know what was going through her head why she did that. She was perfectly beautiful the way she was. I guess it’s one of the downside of Hollywood and Fame, people would do anything to get attention. The Hollywood industry is so vain that everyone is drag behind to looking perfect. But for most of the actress who opt for plastic surgery, it’s sad they ended up looking like freaks. As for Heidi she has no business doing liposuction in the first place, she was a size “0” with no ounce of fat. Even a brow lift, to think she was only 22 or 23 years old when she had these plastic surgery done and brow lift is for women that are older whose eyes are dropping making them look sluggish and tired. As for her breast implants, she has a petite frame she didn’t need to redo her implants in the first place and go with a much bigger one, it was good the first time. Now she looks like she’s carrying two balls around her chest. Sorry! I can tell she is uncomfortable with it. Although she did mention that she is going to undergo a smaller implant soon. After two years of suffering from the recovery, broke from the plastic surgery expenses and divorce drama, Heidi sounded like a normal person again. Saying “she will never have plastic surgery ever again!” She also mentioned that after all the procedure, she stopped going to the gym for recovery purposes and is now trying to get back in shape. Her focus is to be healthy and fit.

As for me, her plastic surgeon should have been decent enough not rush her plastic surgery procedures in a day. It is dangerous and she was way too young when she decided to do it. I do not know how they negotiated it, but to me, a good plastic surgeon should have dignity and pride to his profession. There first primary concern should be there patient not putting their lives in danger. As for the future patients, plastic surgery can help enhance your look but it will not cure any mental problems. It could only make you worse, so be sure when trying to get a procedure done, that you are mentally and physically ready for it.  

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Tara Reid’s Bikini Body? Liposuction Gone Wrong

Liposuction Gone Wrong

Tara Reid used to be one of the hottest, girl-next-door in Hollywood. She appeared in several films like Urban Legend, Return to Salem’s Lot, Alone in the dark and the American Pie which made her rose to fame.  Tara was everywhere; she was at the peak of her career. She had a travel show on E’, several magazine cover, she was the ultimate dream girl on her time.

Due to her fame, Tara led herself to hardcore partying and alcohol abused. It wasn’t till she showed up to P Diddy’s B-day party when she accidentally flashed her breast due to wardrobe malfunction. It was an unforgettable red carpet moment in Hollywood because the actress accidentally flaunted her breast that had stitches around her areola which indicated she had a breast augmentation.

Few months later, the actress flaunted her bikini body with so much wrinkling and deformity around her tummy area which was a result of a liposuction gone wrong! The actress briefly shared why she decided to have a liposuction around her tummy telling US weekly it was for a movie role. “She wanted to have a six pack for that specific movie”. The procedure was called; Liposculpting. Luckily, one of her surgeon made a revision to correct the damage which is called “doughnut mastopexy”. The actress looks are a lot better now.

This is a good lesson to keep in mind for the future patients who want to look better. First and foremost, Tara was already skinny with no ounce of fat to decide she had to go through a liposuction which was a huge and stupid mistake. Remember that liposuction is a procedure to suck the extra fat out on a specific body area. And most importantly a good plastic surgeon would share his most precious advice to the patient not to undergo to a specific procedure if the patient doesn’t need it in the first place. 

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Valeria Lukyanova “Barbie” Come to Life? – Orange County Cosmetic Surgery

Valeria Lukyanova Is A Real-Life Barbie Doll

Valeria Lukyanova is not just your typical average girl next door.  This 21 year old Ukrainian born beauty, an aspiring singer and a model has gone through so much extent to imitate Barbie. The Ukrainian decent became an internet overnight sensation when her photos were all over net. People are in shock as this girl looks exactly like “Barbie came to life.” This is pretty common to young girls and women now a days, for there are a lot of women who wish to look like Barbie or imitate like Barbie, some girls do it through clothing, fashion or make up. There are even some make-up tutorials available on YouTube to teach young girls how to look like Barbie for fun.  But for others they chose the other route by choosing plastic surgery to change their overall appearance to look like Barbie.  But has this girl had gone too far?

Many people have speculated that this girl has gone through different phases of surgeries from head to toe to achieve that Barbie look. Many also speculated that her pictures could be just a result of Photoshop? Oh well, we’d like to think so. But I don’t think that’s the case, you can be fooled with this girl as she really looks like Barbie. Kind of Creepy huh?! Some plastic surgeons have guessed this girl has spent over a whopping half a million dollars to achieve the doll like appearance. But who could blame all these guesses? If you try to take a close look at her pictures she really looks like Barbie, with those big round eyes, very skinny nose, a face that has waxy smooth texture, huge large breast and a very tiny, tiny waist. She has mastered the make-up to achieve the Barbie look.

Valeria Lukyanova, has admitted that she has done plastic surgery to achieve the look specifically her nose and her breast. Which I believed she did, the before photos proves it. Her plastic surgeon made her nose bridge a lot skinnier to look like Barbie’s. And obviously her breasts are a result of breasts implants.  A few plastic surgeons have also speculated that she might have taken off a few of her rib cage to have that very tiny waist. Freaky huh? But from the photos that I have seen so far, it looks like she did not for I can see clearly her rib cage. This girl is very skinny due to her raw based diet. She is a strict vegetarian. As for her waxy face, it looks like she had Botox all over to create that very smooth, perfect finish face.  This girl is only 21 year old, which means she started way too young on plastic surgery. If she doesn’t stop soon, she will look like a freak before she turns 30 and that is not what Ken wants! What are your thoughts about this Barbie wannabe? =)

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