Real Housewives of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson Plastic Surgery

Real Housewives of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson Plastic Surgery Scandals and Lots of Drama!

Brace yourselves everyone. Have you seen last Monday night’s episode of Real Housewives of Orange County? Well, I feel bad for Alexis. I have always like her yet wasn’t been really my favorite till last Monday. Well, since our practice is based in Orange County, this is going to be fun talking about this expose of classy housewives. lol 

Orange County Facial Plastic Surgery

Trending right now is the big drama that happened last Monday on Real Housewives of Orange County. But, before I get into the juicy and dirty details, I want to first start writing about Vicki’s plastic surgery. First off, I never like Vicki; although I admire her independence she is always mean just to everybody. And because of her success she thinks she knows everything and thinks she is better than anyone else. It has been revealed that Vicki went through a “Chin Augmentation Surgery”. It was very obvious as she appeared on the show with her very swollen face. I always thought that Vicki had a long chin way before her surgery so in my own honest opinion, she didn’t need it. And it looked so unnatural and unflattering on her!!! Chin implants are a great way to enhance one’s face but you also have to be careful when deciding to undergo this kind of procedure since your face shape is going to determine whether you need this type of procedure or not. Most women with round face need this type of implant. And as for Vicki she has an oval face shape which to me isn’t necessary for her. 

Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon

It is important to ask your Doctor first if it is the right procedure for you. If possible, get a second opinion. Ask yourself, if this is really right for you. Most doctors would tell you their honest opinion if it is right for you. There are many doctors who wouldn’t care enough to their patients and who is only after by the $$ in which you have to be really careful about. Vicki’s face always appeared to be swollen, and if there’s any procedure she needs that would be just her skin. She tends to have wrinkles, (which to me is appropriate for her age) but I also know that it can be improve at the doctor’s office. I know she had some fillers injected to keep the wrinkles away, a few Botox here and there couldn't hurt, but I think what she really needs is a mini face lift surgery and a glycolic peel. I have to be honest; her face looks saggy to me, which is normal for her age. Vicki is 51, which I know most of you will say that age is still young, which you’re right, but not taking care of your skin can cause aging really fast. Tanning is no. 1. So please ladies, sunscreen please!!! Stress and poor diet can be a major part of aging too. The mini facelift will give her a youthful glow which is what she really needs. Vicki is a business owner, she is a good mother, recently divorced and under pressure with her current boyfriend, as we all know she is always under stress. Being independent and running on your own business isn’t easy people. And when you are stress your face is the first that gets affected, wrinkles and sagging is what you are first going to see. A Mini facelift will not only take of years out of your face but it will also contour your face as well. As we age, our skin sags due to gravity.  Glycolic peel to give her a fresher looking skin, as her skin tends to be oily. Glycolic peel takes of the first layers and dead skin cells of the skin which will improve your skin texture, any uneven skin tone and will improve little imperfections of your face. So what’s there not to like? Both of this will take of years of her face and will give her a glow that she needed. Sadly, the chin implant didn’t look good to me at all.

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The Doctors at Aestheticare, are not here to pressure our patients to get unnecessary plastic surgery procedures, we are here to help advice and educate you on the procedures you are interested in. Remember plastic surgery will enhance your looks. But it won’t change your attitude towards yourself and others. So stay good and be happy. AesthetiCare has 4 locations in Southern California to help you Be A Better You! Click Now to Request a Consultation

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